Rebecca May

When I was just 12, my mum showed me how to use her 35mm SLR film camera. I was instantly hooked. That battered old Minolta taught me so much! I loved seeing life through it's lens and framing my story. It began a lifetime of photography.


I experimented, I made mistakes, I photographed everything. Learning on a manual film camera taught me a huge amount about finding the correct camera settings quickly and getting my shot right in camera first time. Looking back I can see that the skill set for much of my natural light outdoor photography comes from those incredibly early days spent photographing our pets in the back garden! 

A gift handed down from generations, apparently it was clear from a very early age that I was gifted in art and particularly in the areas of drawing and sculpting. It seemed entirely inevitable that I would study Art at a higher level at College, where I spent a great deal of time...much to the annoyance of my Painting tutor, in the photo studio or darkroom learning the analogue craft.

I gained my BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2001, then qualified as an Art Teacher (QTS) and taught six incredibly memorable years in Art and Photography Secondary Education in a bustling comprehensive. 

When our firstborn arrived in 2008, I am pretty sure he became the most photographed baby in Kent. Soon I felt a calling to follow a dream - that of photography. When our little boy was 8 months old, I put down my teacher's cap and picked up my camera professionally. I have never looked back.

At the time when I began photographing tiny fresh babies, newborn photography as we know it today was in it's own infancy. There were no YouTube videos, no easily found 'how to' blogs on the subject and newborn posing skills were a fiercely guarded secret.


In 2008 many of the leading newborn photographers were based in the US and UK newborn photographers were rare. But I knew from the outset that I wanted to provide extraordinary maternity and newborn photography and to become a specialist in this field. 

I learned absolutely everything I could about the subject, I read and read everything, from technical aspects, to working with the figure, posing newborns, babies and toddlers, lighting, running a successful studio, grappling with business skills, on to studying the work of the then current leaders in newborn photography - Carrie Sandoval and Kelly and Tracey Raver. I began to hone my own workflow with newborns and babies. I adored it.

Shortly afterwards, I sought out training with Maddy Rogers and Shellie Wall, who are leading UK newborn photographers, and founding members of BANPAS (Baby And Newborn Photography ASsociation), which is an organisation which provides newborn photographers posing and safety training when working with day old babies.


Their teaching propelled my skills forward and confirmed again that this was the right path.





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In the next few years I created a beautiful, cosy natural light studio for newborn photography and continued my training, with globally recognised, award winning Newborn Photographers Kelly Brown, Jade Gao and Kent's own Sujata Setia. Each in depth learning experience brought another hue to my skill set and was invaluable to my development.

I am proud to say, that it would seem I have become a very much sought-after newborn photographer and I am blessed to find clients travelling for photography with me from further and further afield.

Now 12 years on and many hundreds of babies later, I adore newborn, baby and maternity photography more than ever. I have found a home with natural, timeless newborn photography, which fuels my inner creativity and brings happiness to so many parents.

If you are interested in learning how to become a Newborn Photographer, please do get in touch.

I offer 1:1 training at my studio with real babies so that you can learn directly from my years of experience.

The Lady behind the camera

It means the world to me to be chosen to be your baby's photographer and I understand what an honour it is to be welcomed into a family's world during those early days.  

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Rebecca May

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