The May Queen

This coming May 1st marks 10 years of Rebecca May Photography from

2008 - 2019.

My how much ground I have covered in those years....with my own children having been born and grown more and more into wonderful tiny adults....and my fledgeling photography having grown it's own set of wings.

I clearly remember shakily handed in my teaching resignation a decade ago to start on my adventure of a lifetime. My family thought I was half crazy, chasing a dream, particularly with a new baby and mortgage to manage. But they could see how much it meant to me and supported me regardless!

If someone had whispered in my ear that I would become a successful newborn photographer.... I would never have believed them all those years ago, standing in my old classroom, teaching Photography GCSE. (Shot above, from my photography room in 2006).

I have seen many changes in the industry over the years. When I started out, 10 years ago, many of the leading newborn photographers were based in the US and UK specialists were rare. Newborn photography as a genre had not really taken off in the UK and there were only a few specialists around.

In 2008, newborn posing was also a fiercely guarded skill set, with much of it shielded in secrecy. There were no online courses, or Youtube videos, no books, no hacks or short the outset I learned absolutely everything I know about how to photograph newborn babies through hands on experience, the passage of time, quiet reflection and progress.

When you book me for your photography session, you are not just paying for the moment I press the shutter, you are paying for that decade of experience, the path of learning I took to where I am today. It means I will create a varied and beautiful set of absolutely perfect, timeless images of your newborn baby, which radiate your love and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

In celebration of my 10 years as a newborn photographer, for the Month of May, I am offering the first 10 newborn sessions who book, 50% discount off of the session fee price. Please do get in touch to find out more.

You know....I see photography start ups come....and go.....I see photographers moving genres into and back out of newborn photography. I see great photographers fail at their newborn businesses and ok photographers thrive...

I suppose I have been through so much myself too.....each step forwards, learning and improving, honing and perfecting....loving these tiny, precious people who are in our arms for a few precious moments....

And I am thankful, utterly thankful to still be here, doing what I love and providing you with the most extraordinary service as a newborn specialist. The years I have put into my craft, I hope show and shine in the portfolios I present and the service you receive.

Here's to the future, may it be blessed and bright for all of us!

Becca xxx

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