I see you, mum

To the super mums

the smart mums,

to the mums with tums

to old mums and new mums,

stay at home and working mums daddy mums and nanny mums step mums and foster mums dishevelled 'been up all night' newborn mums,

single mums and same sex mums

to the mums without a mum

and mums to children with special needs

and mums cuddling little ones for late night feeds

to the mums of ones, twos, threes….or four twins, triplets, quads….or maybe more to all the mums wiping bottoms and cleaning up crumbs daily doing the school run whilst teaching sums,

these heroes of the nappy change units to the bountiful providers the toddler great war dividers your job is so constant and so often unsung

to the mums who could have been who started growing a tiny bean and mothers who held their baby and said hello, goodbye in the very same breath to the mums of children who live as stars gone too soon, who took our hearts

We salute you, we see you, Congratulate and stand amongst you Our mums, mothers, our mummies, the one and only you.

Rebecca May 2019

To mums everywhere, wishing you a Happy Mother's Day.

x Becca x

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