Natural Light Maternity

It isn't often I get to photograph my own whirrs past at a rate of knots and I feel forever that I am trying to catch up as my children grow and change, there doesn't seem to be a moment to press pause. But sometimes, I simply know that we need to catch these moments before they pass.

Welcome to my family. My younger sister Ruthie on the left, my only cousin Briony, expecting her first baby middle, and the red jumper looking so, so excited on the other side. Because we are! There has been lots of knitting and quilt-making and cute baby outfit buying going on in our family! Lots of baby talk and plans for the future. This will be the biggest adventure of Briony's life and we simply all CANNOT WAIT to be the crazy Aunties and shower this little one with love.

Just for fun, here is a rather awesome photograph of Briony and me from about 1980....If you're wondering - I have the red dummy and Briony the yellow! I think Ruthie may have been too little (or not even born?) when this photograph was taken!

As a gift from myself to Briony and husband Kree, I said I would shoot a few portraits of her beautiful bump when she last popped up to Kent....what I didn't count on is how utterly beautiful she would be......nor how emotional I would be given the chance to do this!

I chose to shoot at my Aunty's 17th Century country cottage, with all it's nooks and crannies....little windows and magical spaces. I adore shooting on location as it uses my whole skill set. I get to play with and balance light, find little spaces for narratives. My lovely Aunt shot a few behind the scenes of me working too....a rarity as I am always, always behind that big camera! Briony knows how to hold herself and pose, she has been a stage performer. Naturally elegant! We had a blast and an hour flew by.

Then later, I sat and began the editing and retouching process.....and I ordered a small run of prints from my lab. When they arrived back, I suddenly realised again how it feels to look at professional prints of your own family. I held these gorgeous portraits in my hand and it was magical!!

I hope I have done us proud and I absolutely MUST photograph those I love more often.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful portraits. Thank you again Briony for being so generous and letting me share these of you xxx


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