Welcome 2019

2018 was a bright year, one of many changes. On Valentines Day, we moved studios and I learned to deal with direct south-facing light as it pours into my floor to ceiling windows! I redecorated my new space and filled it with lovely vibes and the most amazing array of newborn accessories. I am so happy with it. There, I met countless families, photographed so, so many babies and that new space.

I also made sure to photograph a rainbow of colours in 2018! To think I used to be scared of colour! Mint, lilac and navy were in the top three of my client's favourite colours! I also learned to play with more with contrasting texture, using an array of crochet knits, dry felted furs and lace fabrics. I undertook further training with Maddy Rogers and various online courses to continually improve upon my best. I love seeing the training filter down into my portfolios.

2018 saw me as a birth worker again! I photographed three beautiful babies as they were born into this world. The extraordinary everyday. What an honour!

I loved the bluebell sessions, the lavender and Christmas sessions. I travelled to Scotland and photographed the heart of the wilderness. The Highlands and The Isle of Skye were extraordinary.....once again my business ran away with me, I threw myself into it and it gave back.

2019 is set to be a beautiful new year. This year will mark 10 YEARS of Rebecca May Photography. I am astounded!

I wish you all the best, in whatever your heart desires. Give it 100% and it won't disappoint.

Rebecca x

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