Digital Illusions....Newborn Photography SAFETY FIRST!

I had a wonderful morning recently out of the studio in nature and the sunshine! I went into the studio and chose a basket or two, some soft furs and my camera and went in search of spring flowers to create digital backdrops for my client's babies.

These images are all composites....the babies were carefully selected from my existing client sessions to sit nicely within the digital backdrops as I took a note of the lighting, colour casts and shadows.

Digital backdrops have long been on the market for Newborn photographers. They allow you to select a background and carefully 'knit' a newborn baby portrait into the scene from a separate photograph, using hand retouching in Photoshop. I have adored using them as they allow you to create the impossible....and produce magical illusions....babies seemingly perched on tree boughs, or suspended in floral wreaths. They also are incredibly safe, as baby never has to leave the studio!

But there is something of the artist in me...I am not content with borrowing other photographer's digital designs. I have my own vision. I want to make my digital backgrounds personal to me and from my local area.

I couldn't get more local than the image of the baby in purple....The grape hyacinths were photographed no less than six feet from my front door!

I am so entire world of possibility and creativity has opened up for me. One of my passions is walking in nature....and nature photography. This gives me even more reasons to go walking and notice the beauty of nature...then provide this unique digital service for my newborn clients.

When you come into the studio, ask me about digital composites and we can decide to make one for you in your newborn session too.

With Love,

Rebecca x

Here is how the photographs are pieced together...


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