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At Rebecca May Photography we have a full range of professional products to showcase the portraits from your session. You are welcome to view products in our studio at the time of your photo shoot.

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Photoblock Wall No 5 .psd Template Fredd
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 Deep Framed Canvas

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Wooden Photo Blocks

Tactile memories

I saved the best until last........Devised, created and produced by husband and wife team Gabriela and Erwin Koupman in the Netherlands, established in 2011, I supply these beautiful, original photo blocks to my clients, who also adore them. A small, family company, Gabriela's beautiful and meticulously produced photo blocks became a product on a tidal wave as it rolled out to become a legacy in the photographic industry.


Photo blocks are images printed and adhered to a hand cut, carved and finished wooden birch block. This means that the photographs retain their high quality, as the photographs are not printed directly to the wood. Next, the edges are curved and smoothed by hand. Lastly the photo block is sealed and hand painted with protective layers of UV varnish.

Each photo block is a totally bespoke object d'art.

 It is hand crafted and is a little piece of art in it'self. My photo block creators take great pride in producing every single piece. Each piece requires it's own cutting, printing, construction, finishing and drying time. As such photo blocks require a unique timeframe for creation.


40 x 60cm framed



(dark stain or creamy white wash stain) 

40cm framed round £549

Unframed rounds available in sets of three

x3  30cm £499   x3  60cm £799




Framed Collage



A beautiful framed collage with all your favorite pictures. Perfect hanging on every wall in your home! The frames are hand made and every frame is unique!


52 x 72 cm with frame



The Perfect 3


Only 3 blocks, but in one word PERFECT! This beautiful combination of large photoblocks you can hang in every room. Don’t want a whole wall full of pictures but prefer an eye catching display with your three favorite photos? Then this wall is perfect for you!


40x40cm, 40x60cm, 40x40cm

Wall Number 5


A beautiful wall that you can totally make your own taste….

 You can choose which variety best suits your needs.


INCLUDES 5 photo blocks


  • 2  21 x 30 cm 

  • 1  20 x 20 cm 

  • 1  40 x 40 cm 

  • 1  40 x 60 cm

Total size of the wall  60 x 100 cm + spacing














The Perfect Mix


INCLUDED: 7 photo blocks & 1 canvas print with frame ( no glass )


  •  1 canvas print, canvas size 10 x 15 cm - with frame 23 x 18cm x 2cm

  • 3  13 x 18 cm 

  • 1  20 x 40 cm panorama

  • 1  21 x 30 cm 

  • 1  30 x 30 cm 

  • 1  30 cm round block

Total size of the wall  55 x 115 cm + spacing















The BIG Perfect Mix


INCLUDES: 9 beautiful photoblocks


  • 2  21 x 30 cm

  • 1  21 x 30 cm WITH FRAME  42 x 33 cm 

  • 1  30 x 30cm

  • 1  20 x 40cm 

  • 2  40 x 60cm

  • 1  40 x 60 cm WITH FRAME 73 x 52 cm

  • 1  60 cm round block

Total size of the wall 220 cm wide and 120 cm high